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Sep 16, 2014…Rihanna out in Barbados…
Sep 15, 2014…Beyonce + Jay Z out in Paris…

Watch Beyonce & Jay Z
in "Bang Bang" Part 1…

Sep 12, 2014…
Beyonce + Nicki performing 
Flawless in Paris. Watch here…

Sep 12, 2014…
Beyonce + Nicki performing
Flawless in Paris. Watch here…

Sep 9, 2014…Sorry Beyoncé & JAY Z your secret album + Samsungdeal for releasing Magna Carta in 2013 were just eclipsed. While unveiling the new Apple Watch +iPhone 6, Apple just “paid for” and released U2’s new album, for free,to the 500 million iTunes Store users, making this new U2 album "the biggestalbum release ever.” [privately; Kanye voice]

Sep 9, 2014…
Sorry Beyoncé & JAY Z 
your secret album + Samsung
deal for releasing Magna Carta 
in 2013 were just eclipsed. While 
unveiling the new Apple Watch +
iPhone 6, Apple just “paid for” and 
released U2’s new album, for free,
to the 500 million iTunes Store users, 
making this new U2 album "the biggest
album release ever.” [privately; Kanye voice]

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