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Bruno Mars serving his “Elvis lip”at the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show Press Conference on Thursday.
Rihanna… watching [and waiting] for her Pepsi commercial…

watching [and waiting] 
for her 
Pepsi commercial…

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"Grown Woman" x Mrs. Carter
[The gospel according to Beyonce] will be released as Beyonce’s first single, from her upcoming album, and will be available on iTunes on Monday April 8. Read more here…

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start to Beyseason…
her new Pepsi commercial
called "Mirrors" in which you can 
hear her new song "Grown Woman"…

Beyonce for Pepsi 

Beyonce for Pepsi 

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Beyoncé's Andy Warhol style new promo image for Pepsi

Andy Warhol style
new promo image for Pepsi

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a preview of the Pepsi canfor Beyoncé's upcomingPepsi commercial and ad campaign

a preview 
of the Pepsi can
for Beyoncé's upcoming
Pepsi commercial and ad campaign

a preview of Beyonce’s upcoming Pepsi ad campaign

a preview of Beyonce’s upcoming Pepsi ad campaign