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Tamar Braxton’s Christmas gift from Vincent Herbert.

Tamar Braxton’s 
Christmas gift from Vincent Herbert.

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navy x mob

navy x mob

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Badgalriri on stage in Antwerp… 
"It’s about that time #BARCELONA"- @Badgalriri

"It’s about that time #BARCELONA"

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"Lil ol me in my big ol tub!!! #moroccolife @charliebymz #swimwear” - @Badgalriri

"Lil ol me in my big ol tub!!! #moroccolife
@charliebymz #swimwear” - @Badgalriri

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"Smart work pays off!!! #workhardballhard ”- @Badgalriri

"Smart work pays off!!! #workhardballhard
- @Badgalriri

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