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A$AP Rocky + Katy Perryat Coachella music festival.

A$AP Rocky + Katy Perry
at Coachella music festival.

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rumor has it…A$AP Rocky + Chanel Iman are engaged. Read more here…

rumor has it…
A$AP Rocky + Chanel Iman
are engaged. Read more here…

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A$AP Rocky+ Chanel Iman outin NYC on Monday.

A$AP Rocky
+ Chanel Iman out
in NYC on Monday.

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September 4, 2013…[via TMZ]: ”A$AP Rocky has been charged with misdemeanor simple assault.” Read more here…

September 4, 2013…
[via TMZ]: ”A$AP Rocky has been 
charged with misdemeanor simple 
assault.” Read more here…

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A$AP Chanel 
A$AP Rocky nearly got into a fight with security at the 2013MTV VMAs on Sunday.Watch the video here…

got into a fight with
security at 
the 2013
MTV VMAs on Sunday.
Watch the video here…

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Chanel Iman+ A$AP Rocky at the 2013 MTV VMAs on Sunday.

Chanel Iman
A$AP Rocky at the 
2013 MTV VMAs on Sunday.

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A$AP Rocky
knows his lipstick advice was
outta pocket. This is his way of
makin’ it up…….I guess. Do you
accept his apology? [privately; Hell no!]

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#THUGLOVESupermodel Chanel Imansmooching her boo A$AP Rocky…
"My boo @asvpxrocky has officially moved in.”- Kathy Griffin

"My boo has officially moved in.”
- Kathy Griffin

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