Jan 27, 2012…Rick Ross shot at in drive by shooting whilein his Rolls Royce after leaving his birthday party at LIV, Miami: “Rapper Rick Ross was riding in the passenger seat of his silver Rolls Royce in Ft. Lauderdale when someone opened fire on the vehicle, the Huffington Post confirmed via Ft. Lauderdale Police. As his vehicle was getting sprayed with bullets, the Rolls crashed into a nearby apartment building around the busy Los Olas Avenue. According to Ft. Lauderdale’s 7 News station, who were on the scene at 4th St. and 15th St., police are still on the scene investigating. The manager of the nearby Floridian restaurant confirmed the car was shot at, and so was his restaurant.  Witnesses say there were up to 15 shots fired. Ricky is believed to be inside said restaurant at this moment still speaking to police.  No word on if he suffered any injuries. NBC Miami confirms that the shots indeed came from another vehicle, which signals this was a drive by.  No suspects have been named.” [all via NBC News/TheYBF.com]