Right - that’s more than enough to get us on board. We’ll be rolling on Tumblr before days end. In the meantime you can catch our current old school liveblog here.
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Look, we think that this is really important. While they have used Tumblr as a temporary solution in the past few days, their voice is one that Tumblr really needs. It’s something that would make the Tumblr community at large stronger. It’s something that could encourage people who haven’t been following the Egypt conflict to follow it. And it’s a way to encourage the free flow of information that they’ve been so good at with the recent crises in the Middle East. So, please reblog if you agree. This may be the 100th thing on their list considering everything going on, but it would be something that would prove greatly valuable to them in the coming days and weeks. Thanks Newsflick for providing the seed of inspiration for this.

About a year ago I was a catalyst for a campaign to get Al Jazeera English to set up a tumblr blog. With more than 1,500 likes and reblogs, our campaign caught the networks attention which then set up its tumblr. 
Since the launch of AJEnglish in 2006, I could say I was an adamant supporter of this network; used to it’s courageous reporting style from it’s sister arabic network. Soo much of a supporter was I, that in 2010 I’ve visited AJEnglish Head Quarters in Qatar. Heck I even considered working for them.
But, I have never been so disappointed. Being a follower of news from the middle east especially in light of the arab spring, I have witnessed the pursuing of a biased agenda by AJEnglish. 
AJEnglish’s coverage of the current crisis in Egypt is close to shameful and lacks balance.
This is not the Al Jazeera I believed in.